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Quilt is a leaderless community of women who gather to grow together, through conversation.

Right now there’s an IRL Quilt Chat happening out of a woman’s home near you, and you’re welcome. All you have to do is download the app, find a gathering that interests you, and join us.

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To Quilt is to gather in homes for meaningful conversation.
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Hosting a Quilt gathering is the greatest contribution a person can make in our community. Become a host and welcome women into your home to power the potential in one another.

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What We Sit For

The closer we sit, the tighter we are, the further we grow. The collective propels the individual. So let’s get together, face-to-face. Together stories will be shared, questions will be answered, problems will be solved, steps will be taken, plans will be actioned, and coffee will be had. We are Quilt. Gathering in homes for conversations that matter.

What our members are saying
Quilter since from July 2018

“Quilt opened my eyes to a community I initially didn’t think I would’ve been able to find myself. And now I have these women who know more women who know more women who share the same curiosity as me.”

Quilter since from January 2018

“Quilt gave me a platform to create community and grow as a facilitator at the same time. Plus, the women I’ve hosted in my home–new friends and old–have been amazing!”

Quilter since from Sep 2018

“I met women that have mentored me and who I have been able to support as well. After attending a few more chats, I decided to leave my corporate job and start my own health coaching business.”

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